Electromagnetic sieve shakers

Electromagnetic sieve shakers
( Aggregates-Rocks )
EN 932-5 ISO 3310-1
These Sieve Shakers are activated by electromagnetic impulses and thanks to the triple vibrating action (vertical, lateral and rotational) they are recommended to perform sieving tests where high precision and performance are important, and where continual and intense uses are required.
Therefore they are suggested for accurate sieving tests, on fine materials too.
These Electromagnetic Shakers are of simple and sturdy construction, they can hold up to 10 sieves and are also suitable for wet sieving tests (accessory mod. A046, A047).


Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1ph 450/750W


Triple vibrating action: vertical, lateral and rotational
Digital microprocessor control panel can adjust: timer 0-999 minutes; vibration intensity; continuous or intermittent vibrating action; pause between vibrations (indicated for fine material sieving)
The control panel can be wall fixed or placed on a bench
Multiple models available:

A059-01 KIT: dimensions sieves Ø 200 mm – 8″; 320x380x850 mm; weight 40 Kg approx.
A059-02 KIT: dimensions sieves Ø 200-250-300-315 mm – 8″-12″; 380x440x1080 mm; weight 65 kg approx.
A059-03 KIT: dimensions sieves Ø 200-250-300-315-350-400 mm – 8″-12″; 430x460x1150 mm; weight 80 kg approx.
A059-04 KIT: dimension sieves Ø 200-250-300-315-400-450 mm – 8″-12″-18″; 480x500x1150 mm; weight 85 Kg approx.

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