Mitutoyo Dial Indicator 10 mm x 0,01 mm

– Standard 0.01mm graduation dial gauges having an outer frame with an outside diameter of 57mm. All types come with limit pins and an outer frame clamp as standard.
– The outer clamp and lifting lever (optional) can be attached to either the right or left side. These parts can be easily installed and removed without tools.
– Secured adhesion between the outer frame and crystal as well as the use of an O-ring ensure countermeasures against water and oil permeation via the front face.
– The stem spindle is made of high-strength quench-hardened stainless steel which resists strenuous use.
– A carbide contact point is used.
– The grand gear uses stainless steel that is resistant to wear and deformation.
– Application of a hard coating on the surface of the crystal makes the gauge highly scratch- and chemical-resistant.



Model Number 2046S
Unit 1pc
Dial Reading ±0-100
Graduation (mm) 0.01
Range (range/rev) (mm) 10 (1mm)
Specification Range (mm) 10
Accuracy 1 Rev (μm) ±10
Accuracy 1/10 Rev (μm) ±8
Accuracy Overall (μm) ±13
Accuracy Retrace (μm) ±5
Repeatability (μm) ±5
Measuring Force (N) 1.4 or less
Berat (Kg) 0.2