Core Drill Core IT

“The K-812 Electric Core Drill with Anchor Base and Angle Drilling is the leader in its class of core drills. This core drill machine has everything you need for medium duty production core drilling. The drill stand has an anchor bolt base, which can also function with a vacuum base (included). The column assembly was made with a simple angle drilling feature allowing you to drill at just about any angle within 90 degrees.

This electric core drill is one of our most popular core drills in the rental market and has been a big hit at the American Rental Association’s “The Rental Show” trade show in recent years. It’s popularity proved the K-812 Electric Core Drill is rugged and tough enough for the abuse in a rental environment!”


Kor-It brand 110V, 2,500 Watts, 3.5 hp. (also available in 220V)
Milwaukee motors available in 110V & 220V.
Heavy duty combination anchor/vacuum base.
Easy positioning with 6″ wheels and sturdy handle off the back of the carriage.
Up to 12-inch capacity.
Speed 460/900 Rpm.
Come standard with angle drilling capability.

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