Pipe Friction

This equipment measures pressure drop when water flows through a vertical pipe at various flow rates both laminar and turbulent.
It is to be used with Hb100 hydraulic bench (separately supplied).

It consists of adjustable constant head water source of removable
clear acrylic cylinder for laminar flow. Turbulent flow may be achieved by directly connecting the pipe to the hydraulics bench water supply.

A water manometer with a vent valve, a hand air pump and a mercury manometer are provided for measurement of pressure drop.


Technical Data :
Water Manometer : 450 mm
Differiantial Pressure Gauge : Approx. 0-60 kpa
Test Section Length : Over 500 mm
Measuring Cup : 11

Optional : Horizontal test pipe instead vertical
: Differential pressure gauge
: Mercury manometer 450 mm

Dimension (l x w x h) : 36 x 36 x 115 cm
Gross Weight : 10 kg

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